3 Ways To Make Positive Energy A Part Of Your Life

You’ve heard that life is about choices. We tend to think of choices as applying to conscious decisions we make, like which jeans to wear, what to make for dinner or which job to take. Yes, these choices have consequences. But if you look beyond the conscious choices, you see that we make many, many choices outside of our awareness. We make choices based on automatic thought habits. And if you look around at your life circumstances right now, you can quickly see whether you have created these circumstances based on negative thought habits or positive thought habits.

If you don’t like what you see, you can start right now by making a choice to be positive. It’s is a life changing choice that creates desirable change under the surface of your conscious choices.

Every moment, you have a choice. You can choose to be at peace or to be in resistance. If you choose negative thoughts and emotions, you are choosing resistance. For example, if you’re stuck in traffic and you’re late (inevitable, right?) and you allow the traffic to stress you out and make you angry, you are choosing resistance. There’s nothing you can do so why are you giving this situation so much negative energy? Okay, so you might ask, “what difference does my attitude in traffic make?” Well, you carry the energetic burden of that negativity with you while you’re stuck in traffic, and long after you get out of the car. When you arrive at your destination, you are agitated and with your thoughts clustering around your anger, you can’t be on top of your game. You can’t be fully present and you can’t:

  • ace the interview
  • give the great speech you’ve been rehearsing so faithfully
  • enjoy the performance

Whatever the situation is, your experience of it has been diminished because you CHOSE to think about the traffic in a negative way and you are still hanging on to negativity. And conscious or unconscious, that choice has an impact!

  • you won’t get the job because your prospective employer picks up on your flustered, negative vibe (if you can’t deal with something as silly as traffic, how will you deal with major crises at work?)
  • you won’t get the respect, or the potential business that you deserve from your audience, because they pick up on your agitation and your lack of focus (an audience wants you to be there for them, addressing their needs…)
  • you wasted money on tickets to a performance you really didn’t experience

When you are upset and your thoughts are negative, you attract negative energy in the form of undesirable circumstances, negative and unhelpful people and struggle. When you are at peace and your thoughts are positive, you attract positive energy (everything good and desirable). Either way, your vibe reflects back on you.

Why do most people unconsciously choose negativity?

positive_energy_2Because most of us are conditioned to see the worst in a situation. We see the traffic as the cause of our stress and agitation, when in reality it is our perception of the situation that causes those feelings to arise! Traffic is just traffic. It doesn’t have an agenda. It’s a bunch of people trying to get somewhere, just like you. YOU decide if traffic is ‘horrible’ or if it’s just ‘kind of slow today.’ If we just sat in the car, chilled out to music or rehearsed the speech… we would arrive at our destination in a much better frame of mind. Even if the traffic makes you late, people understand. A simple explanation usually makes things just fine, and everyone can go about their business.

Learn to unconsciously and automatically generate good, positive vibes, which will come back to you:

1. Meditate. Being fully in the present and aware of every moment rather than letting your thoughts move to the future or the past, is exceptionally calming and uplifting. In meditation, you can master your thoughts and emotions and choose to think about ANY situation in a more positive light. Relax, and feel your oneness with everything. ‘See’ your face in the face of others and treat them in your thoughts as you would love to be treated. Feel your energy radiating from you. Is that energy positive? If not, how can you change your thoughts and emotions to radiate positive energy? If your energy is positive, know that what you consider to be happy and good, is on its way back to you! If your energy is negative, you have the power to change it.

2. Relax and let go. Let go of your need to control – that creates suffering, resistance and negative energy. That doesn’t mean you allow others to walk all over you. It means relaxing into a situation and choosing to see the silver linings, the lessons and the hidden benefits and using your positive energy to transform a situation instead of allowing a situation to lower your energy.

Use your imagination to visualize positive outcomes and energy.3. Use your imagination to visualize a positive interpretation of any situation.Overcome your habitual negative thoughts with deliberately created images of you responding with grace and tranquility in any situation – YOU CHOOSE how you react and whether you carry the energetic and emotional burden of any event! Choose a positive point of view and let your reactions be based on a positive perception, not automatic negativity. Over time, your default way of seeing the world will become more positive.

This shift in perception is one way to cure yourself of the habit of worrying. Worrying is imagination gone bad! You are projecting negative energy, and then when things actually work out the way you imagined, you rationalize to yourself, “see, I knew it would happen this way” when in reality, your energy attracted the outcome! Instead, view your situation from a different point of view – for example, what is the silver lining here? What are the long-term benefits?

Make positive energy work for you by making it your default state of being – start with a smile!

Linah Cathy