A Purpose Driven Life – How To Get The Most Out Of Your Life

When someone asks you, “What do you do?” do you answer with enthusiasm? Are you in love with what you do or do you live for the weekend? Would you do your work and not be paid for it?

Getting a job, paying your bills on time and hoping to retire early is not the real reason you’re here. If you’re “in the system” like this, chances are you’re not all that happy…

If you can answer to this question: “How can I best serve?” – and you’re not doing it – then you’re not living the purposeful, happy life you are meant to live.

Are you living a purpose driven life?If everyone lived purposeful lives, road rage would not exist. Nobody would be complaining about their “stupid job” or their “idiot boss.” Nobody would know the meaning of boredom. A  purpose driven life is, simply, a life of happiness. You may argue that we can’t all be artists or astronauts or National Geographic photographers because who would do the stuff nobody wants to do? Let’s look at that from a different perspective. Just because there are occupations you would never consider for yourself, there are people who love that kind of work. There’s value in absolutely every occupation. They may be living out their purpose, so don’t worry about them – send them your love, and get yourself out of your own rut.

What’s Really Holding You Back?

Whatever your purpose is, it's right for the world!Most of us know, deep down, what we would love to do with our lives. But often that knowing is buried deep, deep under layers of limitations, fears and conditioning. You may be afraid to admit what you really want to yourself, let alone to other people. This is why many of us believe we haven’t found our true purpose.

Think about something you love to do, something you would do if money, time, talent or resources were no object. That points straight at your purpose. If you’re talking yourself out of following your dreams for “practical reasons,” what’s really holding you back? Is it fear of not paying the mortgage, not making the car payment or putting food on the table? Does what you love seem frivolous or  trivial? On the surface, those practical reasons may seem like legitimate answers. Except, not really.

If there’s a desire to do it and share it, there’s a desire to receive it and benefit from it. That’s the way the universe works!

Whatever it is that strikes a chord with you, there are people doing just that. You may be under the impression that only some people get to do what they love (maybe because they don’t have the same responsibilities you do, or they just got lucky). Are they exceptionally lucky or gifted? Actually, they’re not. Yes, they have talents. Yes, they were at the right place and the right time. But ultimately there’s no difference between what the people living your dream life do, and anyone else. Except…

They simply went ahead and did it. They chose a purpose-driven life of individuality instead of a fear-driven life of conformity.

Their desire to serve the world – in other words, to share their talents – was overwhelmingly strong and it raised their personal energetic vibration to the point where negative past conditioning didn’t hold them back. Everybody has negative past conditioning and limitations of some sort but all that fades away when you raise your vibration!

“I can’t” becomes “I can.”

If there’s a desire to do it and share it, there’s a desire to receive it and benefit from it. It may be out of the box, out of the norm, but it’s there, waiting for YOU!

So if you’re stuck in the system, and you believe you haven’t found your purpose, then do this: think about what you love, love, love the most and raise your vibration. This will clear the emotional and mental blockages within you, the ones that are keeping your purpose well-hidden under all the obligations and responsibilities you have been conditioned to need. Conditioned limitations keep you stuck. You will be able to break free of this conditioning and be free to follow your own path – by raising your vibration.

Say “okay!”

 A purpose makes the pieces come togetherWhen your vibration is one of love and compassion, you will have what it takes to say, “okay!” and do what you’re meant to do with your life. You’ll be happy, and just by being around you, other people will be happier too.

The new year is here, and with it come people’s same-old resolutions to try to improve their life. This year, try something different. Focus on raising your vibration, and what you might do with yourself once you’ve gotten the courage to live a purpose-driven life. The rest will fall into place perfectly.

Linah Cathy