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Self Mastery That Raises Your Vibration

Self-Mastery is Your Ticket To Success! When James Bond walks into the room, heads turn.  His self-mastery gives him a self-confidence like no one else. He owns the situation. Okay, Bond isn’t real, but you probably know some people who are so in control of themselves that they always say and do the right thing. […]

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Affirmations for Love

Whether you’re single and looking or attached and feeling a lack of love for your partner, you can use the power of your WORD to create a state of pure love within yourself, attract love or rekindle it. Your Word is powerful. Take a two-pronged approach using your Word to bring your soulmate into your […]

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Universal Consciousness – You Are an Infinite, Eternal Being

What is universal consciousness? It is the unified field of intelligent energy that is everything. That’s a simple explanation for an unfathomable concept. Consciousness is a knowing rather than knowledge, afeeling rather than measurable data. Think about the nature consciousness: infinite and eternal. It can’t be understood intellectually because it can’t be measured. Infinity is […]

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How to Experience Spiritual Awakening

At its most basic level, everything is made of energy. This includes people, objects, plants, thoughts, light, colors, rocks, space… everything is created from this intelligent, conscious energy. Where Do You Begin and End? The question is, where do “you” begin and end? Where does anything around you begin and end? Energy has no boundaries. […]

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