Be Out of Control

What would it look like if your life were out of control? What would it look like living outside the parameters that you naturally put yourself in?

Would you…could you…stop limiting yourself?

When I say out of control here’s what I mean:

We have a tendency to squish ourselves in little boxes. We condemn and judge ourselves with internal monologues such as “I’m so fat, or I’m so broke, or I can’t ______!” That is until we are so squished into our tiny, tiny reality boxes, we can’t get out. We tend to judge ourselves harshly and add energy to create our now, tiny, tiny reality.

I’m sure you never did this to yourself! I’m sure it was only me. ; )

What if more were possible?

If you lived from a place of questions that serve you, you might wonder:

  • “What would out of control look like?”
  • “What would out of my reality box look like?”
  • Or, better yet, “If I could have the life that I really choose, what would it look like? How much control of all the other things I’m controlling, would I have to let go of?”

The reason you have your boxes is because you’ve kind of packaged it that way, you’ve controlled it that way. You’ve pushed your life into that genre of box. If it’s working for you, great. But if it’s not working for you, realize that change means letting go of some things. Change means getting out of Control! It means getting out of your hand carved box. What if you looked at life as a great adventure? What if you looked at life from the point of view of, “What else is possible to add to my life today?” This allows the new to come in.

Maybe for the next few days, put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, your car dashboard, and your cell phone message that asks you:

“What new adventure could I have today that brings me more Joy, more Peace, and more Pleasure?”

Let me know what you come up with!

Questions lead to awareness and awareness opens Gift Boxes of possibility!!

Linah Cathy