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Angels and Guides

I have noticed that most religions and cultures have some form of guides. You may call them angels, guides…but it’s some form of help that is called upon. When I was first on my journey I didn’t necessarily believe or disbelieve in angels and guides – at one point they just showed up. When I […]

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Exploring and Embracing Spiritual Growth

Of all the life’s journeys, the most fascinating and rewarding may well be the journey of spiritual growth. You will become more connected with your authentic self, as well as with the world around you. The result of this ‘connectedness’ is greater harmony and joy. Most of our lives are spent feeling separate and alone […]

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Self-Fulfillment: Being Who You Are

What does it mean to become self-fulfilled? Self fulfillment means achieving your deepest desires and realizing your highest capacities. Through your own efforts, following your own path, you create happiness and a sense of purpose. To varying degrees, we all want more. Not more stuff, necessarily, or more recognition, awards, bling or any external motivator. […]

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