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6 Steps To A Stronger Mind

Our minds are all we’ve got. They are the source of who we, both personally and professionally, are. They determine our success or failure. They are our strength and our weakness. With the quality of our entire lives resting on our minds, it’s unbelievable that we choose to fill them with so much garbage. The […]

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Indigos & Crystals

Around ten years ago, in Practice using my Intuitive Skills, parents started bringing me these amazing kids who had characteristics that were very similar to me growing up. I wasn’t the easiest child to raise – I was very intuitive, very aware, and any environment I was around, I would model that behavior. If the […]

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Universal Consciousness – You Are an Infinite, Eternal Being

What is universal consciousness? It is the unified field of intelligent energy that is everything. That’s a simple explanation for an unfathomable concept. Consciousness is a knowing rather than knowledge, afeeling rather than measurable data. Think about the nature consciousness: infinite and eternal. It can’t be understood intellectually because it can’t be measured. Infinity is […]

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