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Are You Your Best Friend Or Worst Foe?

Let me ask you a question: are you your best friend, or your worst foe? I’m sure the answer lies somewhere in between so here’s another question for you: are you seeking happiness outside of yourself? Will you be happy when you’re in love, in the perfect job, when you’ve dropped the weight and feel […]

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How To Stay Motivated

We too frequently become adept at pointing out our flaws and identifying failures. Be willing to say to yourself, I’m on the right road. I’m doing OK. I’m succeeding. Become equally adept at citing your achievements. Identify things you are doing now that you weren’t doing one month ago… six months ago… a year ago. […]

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Be Out of Control

What would it look like if your life were out of control? What would it look like living outside the parameters that you naturally put yourself in? Would you…could you…stop limiting yourself? When I say out of control here’s what I mean: We have a tendency to squish ourselves in little boxes. We condemn and […]

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Video: How great leaders inspire action

I just came across this video by Simon Sinek  and I thought it was really interesting. In this video Simon teaches an audience all about how great leaders such as Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and others, inspire action. Not just action from their employees, but action from their customers and supporters. I recommend everyone […]

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Online Wealth Creation Audio Interview

Recently I ran a live interview with Eben Pagan where he taught the secrets of how he built up his multi-million dollar online information business empire, while always working from home, and how you can make a full time passive income doing what he does. It’s full of fantastic tips and tricks to becoming a […]

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10 Reasons Why You Need to Laugh More

The time tested cliché of laughter being the best medicine has long been proven to be true. While doctors don’t actually put it down on their prescription pad, they do recommend filling your day with giggles and good vibes. Here we give you 10 reasons why you need to laugh more… It Lessens Stress When […]

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