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Your reality is just a point of view

Your reality is created by all your viewpoints, all your choices, all your decisions, all your justifications and all your judgments. Basically that’s what makes up your reality. Change your points-of-view and you change your reality. If you want to get your reality to look a different way you have to choose to have different […]

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How to Experience Spiritual Awakening

At its most basic level, everything is made of energy. This includes people, objects, plants, thoughts, light, colors, rocks, space… everything is created from this intelligent, conscious energy. Where Do You Begin and End? The question is, where do “you” begin and end? Where does anything around you begin and end? Energy has no boundaries. […]

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Useful Tips on How to Learn

Information is flying at us at a faster rate than ever before, and you might be wondering how to learn faster and/or more efficiently so you can absorb everything that’s important to you. Time spent studying does not equal learning. The trick is how to learn most effectively and efficiently. The following tips are centered […]

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