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Today’s Big Q: Are You Mean to Yourself?

Do you trash-talk yourself or do you say loving, kind things to and about yourself? If you’ve ever said… “I’m not good enough.” “I’m too lazy to…” “I can’t get my act together.” “I suck at…” “I’m such a klutz!” “It’s hard to make a living at…” “Things never work out for me.” “It’s all […]

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DIY Vibration Raising Techniques

Keeping your vibration elevated so that you become a match for the things you want is not easy. Life has ups and downs and it’s easy to slide down the vibrational scale when things go wrong. And, it’s not easy to want something and keep your vibration high. Wanting something makes you feel fabulous, right? […]

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5 Signs Your Vibration is Low

Energetic vibration is not something everyone is attuned to. Sure, we feel the ‘vibes’ around certain people, or in some places or situations – but it’s easier to be attuned to other people’s vibes than it is our own. Here are some ways to become attuned to yourself so that you can raise your vibration […]

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A Complete Guide Affirmations for Success

Affirmations are necessary for success. You don’t have to engage in any touchy-feely “affirmation practice” if that’s not your thing… but you do have to change your self-talk! Many people feel intimidated and unworthy whenever they start on a new project (or anything new). You can use affirmations, or positive self-talk, to change your perspective […]

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