Exploring and Embracing Spiritual Growth

Of all the life’s journeys, the most fascinating and rewarding may well be the journey of spiritual growth. You will become more connected with your authentic self, as well as with the world around you. The result of this ‘connectedness’ is greater harmony and joy. Most of our lives are spent feeling separate and alone – and spiritual growth is all about returning to the feeling of one-ness that is our innate nature.

How can you experience spiritual growth?

Looking within is a way to promote spiritual growth.1. Use meditation (and/or prayer, if you prefer). A great resource is the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit, in which you are guided to a connection with your spirit guides, angels and your Higher Self. Introspection – ‘looking within’ – is essential for growth. You need guidance, whether that guidance comes from a human spiritual teacher or from the realm of the nonphysical. The experience of connecting with your guides and angels will open you to guidance. The experience of connecting with your Higher Self is an experience beyond words – beautiful, emotional, safe, loving… none of these come close to explaining how important and enlightening this is.


2. Learn. Don’t ever stop growing your mind! Browse the bookstores – whatever catches your eye, does so for a reason. Look into it! Absorb these wonderful “random coincidences” eagerly. Much of what catches your eye is related to your personal growth, your destiny, your purpose in life and your spiritual growth. Otherwise, you would not have noticed it – that information would be aligned with someone else’s vibration, not yours. What you perceive and learn, is for YOU.

3. Surround yourself with people who are growing. Avoid or distance yourself from the energy vampires, the downers and the people who believe that there is no point in improving. The relationships you build as you expand your social circle are part of your increased connectedness with all life.

Find balance and develop all aspects of yourself to fully experience LIFE.4. Find a balance: take care of your body, mind and spirit. Don’t undervalue and under-develop any aspect of yourself. Find a happy balance of exercise, nutrition, sleep, meditation/prayer, learning, creativity, exploring, etc. – don’t neglect any part of yourself – these aspects of you give you a FULL LIFE experience that you don’t want to miss out on!

5. Recharge your spirit. That may mean time alone, doing whatever pleases you most; think of “me time” as a personal retreat that is as essential to your spiritual growth. You are meant to expand and to create – even if what you create is not a tangible thing, you are always creating the vibrational environment that brings – or repels – what you want.

6. Be of service. Service is what life is all about. When you develop your talents, you don’t develop them for your own entertainment, right? You have a very deep desire to share the fruits of your talents – also known as service! In its essence, service is simply doing anything you can to improve the lives of others. A smile is service. A thank you is service. Anything you do with no thought of reward is service.

As you grow spiritually, you let your authentic self shine and come ever-closer to the ideal of a happy and fulfilled life.

You will grow in so many ways as you undertake this adventure!As you progress, you will naturally come to embody your spiritual growth and you will…

    • …have an ability to let things happen rather than forcing them and go with the flow of life
    • …smile more, laugh more, giggle more and see the good in everything
    • …be healthier, happier and calmer – you will radiate well-being!
    • …become radiant and attractive to others as your inner light shines brightly
    • …feel a oneness with people, animals and nature
    • …be frequently overwhelmed with gratitude and ecstasy
    • …think from a limitless perspective rather than from your fears
    • …live in the present, not in the past or the future
    • …not suffer from stress, anxiety or worry
    • …be more confident and loving toward yourself and more loving toward others
    • …not be interested in drama, conflict, criticism, making judgments
    • …manage your negative emotions and deliberately replace them with feelings of love and happiness
    • …be at peace knowing you are fulfilling your purpose, doing what you love
    • …will not allow beliefs, negative people and other undesirable influences to influence you
    • …visualize your ideal life and relax into the faith that it will manifest
    • …know that if you can dream it, you can achieve it – and have the boldness to make it happen
    • …step outside your own point of view
    • …rise above your circumstances, knowing that your vibration created them and can un-create them too
    • …know you are the source of your happiness and your suffering, your misery and your satisfaction
    • …acknowledge that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience
    • …know you are more than your body, your behaviors, your career, your words, your addictions, your religion, your race…
    • …be true to yourself, knowing you alone are responsible for your life

The hardest part is starting; after that, just relax, learn, grow and flow. There is no point at which you will have arrived; no finish line, no end. Enjoy the journey!

Stay on the road with discipline - and you'll reap the rewards!Success tips:

1. Be disciplined. It takes time and persistent effort to develop courage and self-mastery; change your attitude about discipline being hard and unpleasant – think of your spiritual growth work as fun, joyful and rewarding! Building discipline can be hard too, so start small, with just a few minutes a day, and let the joyful momentum build on itself!

2. Do something every day to raise your vibration. Take what you learn in the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit and do at least one thing – large or small – every day to enlighten and uplift yourself and others. In fact, start the day with something very spiritual and vibration-raising: gratitude. Smile, and say a heartfelt thank you for everything in your life!

Spiritual development is an adventure. Anyone and everyone can grow spiritually. Making the choice to welcome life, light and love into your life is the best decision you can make.

Linah Cathy