How Self Empowerment Lets You Share Your Greatness

Do you look in the mirror and wish things were different? That you had a better life, better body, better relationships, more zeroes in the bank account and better health? We have all wished for a better life! The thing is, you DO have the power to make these changes happen in your life.

You just need a little self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment lets you live in your natural state of happiness and peace.Self empowerment is the recognition that you are not living in your natural state of being, which is peace, harmony and happiness – and that you can restore that natural state of being.

To regain that natural state incorporate these guideposts into your life:

1. Awareness: Become aware of the beliefs you have about yourself that are disempowering such as “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not good enough.” It may be that a good deal of your conditioning or programming is very disempowering. Become aware of how you give external forces such as other people and circumstances permission to control you.

Awareness lets you break the cycle. It lets you recognize and appreciate your unique talents and take back your power. Recognize the subconscious programming that has lowered your vibration and caused you to say and do things that were not for your highest good. The Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit helps you become aware of the disempowering thoughts that keep you stuck – and helps you clear them. Without awareness, no progress can be made!


You have something that no one can take away from you – free will. You have the will to think and  imagine anything you want. Changing the vibrational quality of your thoughts causes changes your outer reality. When you change your inner world for the better, your outer world will change correspondingly!

Become empowered to take responsibility for your thoughts and choices.2. Responsibility: taking full responsibility for your part in creating your life is a hard pill to swallow if you are operating under the disempowered premise that you are a victim and not a creator. This acceptance actually brings an incredible release. When you realize just what a powerful creator you are, you’ll be glad for the results you’ve had so far because they are valuable lessons in how to create – or not create – your future. Take ownership of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state and improve all of them.

Self empowerment helps you undo the old programming, clear that  negative energy, imprint new programming into your subconscious, and raise your personal vibration to attract the circumstances you desire.

Once you do this, you are free from attachments to the ways you used to think and from attachment to being a victim of circumstance. By achieving this freedom, you are free to express yourself and live in a higher state of consciousness.

3. Releasing the past: part of taking responsibility means letting go of attachments to past judgments, criticisms, grudges and guilt. This is not easy but it’s essential for your inner peace. If you suffer from depression, you are living in the past. If you suffer from anxiety, you are also living in the past and you are projecting that past into the future!

The only way to become empowered is to release the past and live in the present moment. A huge part of releasing the past is learning the art of forgiveness, both of others and yourself. You can’t undo the past; you don’t have to condone people’s actions or words; but you can release yourself from the burden of hanging on to anger, pain, grudges and guilt.

Choose your thoughts and images!4. Choose your thoughts and mental images. If you worry, you are thinking about and visualizing the worst scenario. But that’s disempowering because you would not willingly create that scenario, right? Learn to plant the seeds for what you desire. Most of your thoughts (neuroscientists estimate 90-95%) are subconscious and automatic and these thoughts dominate your life by causing you to act in pre-programmed ways that have gotten you to where you are today. This realization empowers you to change that subconscious programming so that your auto-pilot mode takes you to the paradise you desire and not someplace you’d rather not go.

5. Have faith in the process. You can’t grow a tree in a day, and you can’t change a lifetime of programming in a day. Relax into it, have fun with it, watch as you blossom into the limitless, powerful being you are.

Meditation is the best way to become attuned to the inner universe. In silence and in a relaxed state, you can observe the world within and like a kid playing a virtual reality game, CHANGE that inner world and imprint positive thoughts and images that manifest in your outer world. You become the conscious creator of your life experience. That is the ultimate power!

6. Live your truth. How do you speak about yourself to yourself and others? Do you put yourself down or are you able and willing to express your greatness (not in an arrogant or boastful way, but by letting your actions speak for themselves)? Are you hiding behind society’s expectations of what you “should” be doing with your life? What if the suburban house, 2.1 kids and Labradoodle aren’t in your life plan – do you feel like a failure somehow, or are you at peace? Are you at peace knowing that by living your truth, you are not being selfish or self-centered (unless you do so at the expense of another) but that you are leading by example and making the world a better place?

Share your greatness!7. Share your greatness. By empowering yourself you’ll become an inspiration to others. The empowered you shares your talents, wisdom, skills, knowledge and strengths with the world. The empowered you is not afraid to be YOU. The empowered you is at peace knowing that your niche is filled and that it is important and valuable.

The key, though, is SELF-empowerment. Nobody can do the work for you. You discover what makes you tick, and you do the work to fix what’s not working. And you enjoy the results of feeling connected instead of separate, loved instead of alone, powerful instead of helpless.

That is a beautiful thing.

Linah Cathy