How to Clear Your Mind of Unwanted Mental Noise

Trying to clear your mind of mental noise can be like herding cats. You try, and mind calms down… and then zzzzzzip there goes another thought running free!

The mind loves to chew on problems like a dog chews on a bone. That’s good – it means the mind is looking for a solution. Great job, mind! The problem is, it’s trying to solve problems using the same beliefs and thought habits that created the problems in the first place! Those mental habits created the vibration that attracted the situation. Now the mind skips around on the same thoughts, like a scratched CD and it can’t get out of the infinite loop.

Mental noise prevents you from living in the present. Clear your mind and restore present-focus.The mind isn’t used to getting stuck in this infinite loop when you’re thinking something positive – but you can train it to!

You don’t notice this background noise most of the time. But sometimes negative thoughts jump into your awareness with a “pick me, pick me!” urgency. Frustrating! You know you can’t solve the problem (if you could, you would have) yet you can’t stop thinking about it!

Mental noise prevents you from concentrating on what you’re doing – contrast that with the mental silence that occurs when when you’re engrossed in a complex task! Mental noise creates a distraction from living in the present since it’s all about the past or the future; analyzing the future in terms of the past.

What Happens When You Clear Your Mind

It’s GOOD that you are aware of mental noise because knowing what your mind is prattling on about helps you identify where you’re stuck and why, so you can go about changing the beliefs that lower your vibration!

When you clear your mind, your physical senses function better. It’s true! Just try finding your way through an unfamiliar neighborhood at night with the radio on and people talking in the car – no! When you’re lost and you need to focus your eyes on road signs, you automatically ask people to be quiet and you turn the radio off! Clearing your mind helps you use your physical senses to their fullest.

A clear mind helps you receive messages from your angels and guides.You will also be able to listen to your intuitive guidance from your spirit guides and angels. One of the main rules of kindergarten is that you can’t listen if you’re talking…

You will be able to focus. You will be calmer, less stressed and happier. You will be able to fall asleep and stay asleep without the constant mental yammering. You will live fully in the present!

Clearing the Mind

We generally become aware of the mental noise only when it interferes with something that demands focus, like studying or complex tasks. Or, when the thoughts and images elicit negative emotions and the mental noise becomes annoying, frustrating and relentless!

Meditation is your best tool for clearing your mind and making room for silence. Mental silence is like an empty vessel into which you can pour the wisdom of your soul; new thought habits; positivity; love; and present-focus.

During meditation, choose a point of focus and become fascinated with it. It could be your breath, a candle, a mantra, whatever you like. Immediately reject any thoughts by bringing your focus back to the object. Eventually you will learn to master your thoughts and shut them down at will.

Meditation is the time to become aware of the nature of your thoughts.Meditation is the perfect opportunity to become aware of the restless nature of your thoughts. Your thoughts are like hummingbirds, resting briefly on one topic before flitting off to the next. Are any of those thoughts positive or proactive? Most of them probably aren’t. As you become aware of your thoughts, you can begin to change them. Immediately replace any negative thought or image with thoughts and images of what you desire, even if what you desire has nothing to do with the negativity your mind is currently processing! The more time you can spend visualizing what you desire, the faster you will come into vibrational alignment with it and manifest it. As you do this, old worries and fears naturally fall away!

Another technique to use during meditation and outside of meditation is to practice detachment. Learn to not let any external situations affect your inner peace. That means not allowing what people say or do to install negativity in your mind. It does NOT mean becoming uncaring or indifferent – it means choosing your response to the things that happen. It’s a mental attitude that is open to the billions of different ways of interpreting and dealing with the world. Say somebody becomes angry with you. You can allow it to escalate… or respond with love and compassion and in most cases diffuse the situation; if you can’t diffuse it, you can still choose to walk away and maintain your inner calm.

Use the self help keys Spiritual Toolkit to learn to focus your mind during meditation so that you can hear the wisdom of your Higher Self and feel the indescribably wonderful peace that comes with a clear, silent mind.

A clear mind is a happy mind!Other ways to help clear your mind:

1. Take a walk – but don’t use the time to worry! Practice walking meditation, where you’re acutely aware of the mechanics of walking; or go walk with someone who is upbeat and positive!

2. Immerse yourself in what you love to do and/or in something challenging. Your mind goes silent when you are absorbed in some activity that you find engrossing or challenging.

3. Clear your space. Your physical spaces (home, car, work) are a direct reflection of your mental state. Too many thoughts in your mind? Look at the state of your desk, your kitchen, the back seat of your car, your bedroom floor… clear the physical clutter and you will create free energy flow in your surroundings; this will help you clear the mental clutter as well! It’s a very liberating feeling to let go of things and thoughts!


Linah Cathy