How to Take Fear Out of Personal Change

We love to try to change other people, but when it comes ourselves, we balk like stubborn mules. Deep down we know personal change is the only way to create rea; progress in our lives, but somehow that applies to “other people” and we don’t like to apply the concept to ourselves.

Change is so often perceived as hard, scary and uncomfortable. It sounds like a whole lot of work. And we don’t want more work.

How to get past the personal change barrier, then?

Would a change of perspective do he trick?

Everything is constantly changing!When we see change, we panic. When we don’t see change, we are happy. But everything is constantly changing!

Everything is changing, all the time, whether we are aware of it or  not and whether we fight it or embrace it. That’s the nature of the Universe and there’s nothing we can do about it except to make the changes we desire instead of passively sitting back and allowing changes to impact us.

Every time you learn something, you change. Every time you think about something, you change it. Every time you pick something up, you change it. Every time you look at another person, that person has changed. Every time you look in the mirror, your body has changed.

Every time you buy something, you change the status of several things: the merchant’s inventory, your bank account, and the ownership of an item.

You change everything you interact withEvery time you generate a thought, you change your personal vibration according to the nature of that thought – was it positive, loving and helpful, or was it negative, fearful or deceitful? Whether you can sense the change in your personal vibration or not, a change has been made.

Every time you do something kind and raise your vibration, you change. And that’s the best way to think about personal change. Personal change is not all about work, after all, it’s about raising your vibration so that the changes in your life become positive and deliberately attracted!

Everything you interact with, changes and everything that interacts with you, changes you!

Energy is not a static thing. If it were, there would be no change, but the Universe is in an eternal dance of energetic interactions and movement.

The constant motion and interaction of energy creates change. Change is natural, normal, expected, and it can be on an infinite level of scale from unnoticed to dramatic.

Personal change can be minute or dramaticYour personal change can be as minute or dramatic as you want, especially as you get used to taking charge!

So, since you can’t avoid change, you can learn to control it. One marvelous positive change you can create is to use the energy clearing techniques in the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit. Clearing out negative energy is a type of change, right, and it doesn’t hurt and it’s not difficult.



Personal change doesn’t have to be huge! In fact, the most meaningful results often come when you start small and make teeny changes. Take advantage of the ripple effect!

Make a tiny change in the way you think, speak or act, and let the results ripple outward.

For example, do you like the way you talk to yourself, or about yourself? You may not be aware of how you talk to or about yourself, so listen to your inner speech next time you make a mistake. If you find yourself beating yourself up and criticizing yourself, you may think, “well, I’m just trying to teach myself a lesson so I don’t do this again!” But ultimately you’re not doing yourself any good by talking this way. Berating yourself and being hard on yourself only perpetuates self-limiting beliefs of “I’m not good enough.” Instead, learn to look for the lessons in what you just did. Then your self-talk can change for the better: “Wow, how cool is it that I learned how not to (x)?” “I could have done this another way but I chose this way, and got these results. Those results don’t make me happy. How about if I make the situation right and try to do this another way next time?” How has your mistake enriched your life by adding wisdom?

Making that one small personal change will ripple outward in amazing ways! You’ll develop more confidence and greater self-esteem. Being happier with yourself raises your vibration. Raising your vibration leads to your ability to attract similar energies, a.k.a. “the good things in life”!

Let the ripple effect of personal change improve your life!Enjoy this great version of the famous Serenity Prayer:: “God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it’s me.”

Starting small will give you confidence. Start with clearing your energy (a great positive change); follow it up by changing the way you talk to and about yourself; and then continue making small changes that all have big ripple effects:

Add these small changes with tremendous ripple effects:

  • express gratitude
  • meditate for mental and emotional self-mastery
  • smile more
  • commit to 15 minutes a day working on your goals
  • keep a journal
  • learn something new every day
  • choose your response to a difficult situation
  • say “I love you” more

None of these are huge, uncomfortable changes. But think about the potential ripple effects of each one! Something as tiny as a smile can have huge results. Choosing how you respond to a difficult situation will make the difference between allowing the situation to escalate or allowing resolution.

You Have the Power to Create Changes You Want to Experience

Every thought you have creates change, so make your thoughts positive.

Every word you speak creates change, so make your words positive

Every action you take creates change, so make your actions positive.

Change is inevitable. If you want to stop being a victim of change; if you want to take charge and dictate the direction of your life, then “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (M. Gandhi) – change your thoughts, and you will change your life.

Linah Cathy