How to Visualize: Turning Imagination Into a Command

Creative visualization is, in a nutshell, “what you see is what you get.” Visualizing your dreams is essential for manifesting them. The question you probably have is, “How do I make my visualizations manifest? Why aren’t my visualizations manifesting?”

The answer might be as simple as focused direction. Imagination is as wild and fanciful as you desire but with guidance, with direction and with intention, you can direct that power to create what you desire.

Imagination vs. Visualization

If you worry, you imagine. If you daydream, you imagine. If you remember the past and imagine what the future will look like, you’ve got the skills to visualize. Visualization is a tool that prompts the subconscious mind to seek ways to make your goals come true, often outside your normal way of creating and problem-solving.

Visualization is more than seeing pictures in your mind; it’s the process of transforming imagination into a command.

Your brain doesn’t care if it receives a command in written form or in picture form. Either way, it’s going to form a mental image… so if you’re skeptical, consider visualization as a visual command!

Learning how to visualize is learning how to give your subconscious a command.Why is it important to give the subconscious a command?Whatever captures your attention does so because it is important and interesting to you. Think of all the things that happen every day and things around you – if you were to notice all of them, you’d be completely overwhelmed – talk about information overload! What you notice is specific to your desires and interests. If it’s important to you, you notice it. If it’s not important to you, it doesn’t even register! This means that your mind will not notice things that you have not programmed into it (what is interesting/important to you). Doubt it? Go somewhere with a friend and afterward, each of you describe the scene in detail. Guaranteed, you will not have noticed exactly the same things nor experienced the situation in the same way.

Your mind needs to know exactly what to notice in your environment. All you need to do is be specific about your desire and imprint that desire on your subconscious – and don’t worry about the “how” (leave that to the subconscious).

To hone your visualization skills, develop your ability to focus and to create an emotion around the image. Don’t worry if you can’t create mental pictures. After all, your goal is more than just a picture on the wall. It’s a multi-sensory experience, just like everything else. Your dominant way of thinking about your goal may not center around visual images. Maybe you think of it in terms of motion (for example, a free-fall parachute jump). Some experiences aren’t visual at all, like the feeling of sinking gently into a hot tub. Put all of your mental and emotional energy into the feeling that your goal will give you!

Transforming imagination into a powerful command means:

  • being clear about what you want
  • setting the intention that this is what you want by visualizing the desired end result
  • creating and maintaining a high personal vibration that is free of the negative energies of fear and doubt

The more precise your command, the faster your manifestation.

Enhancing Your Visualization Skills

1. Think about someone you love who is not in your presence. Close your eyes and see their face as clearly as you can. Any time your mind wanders or the image becomes less distinct, refocus on it. Feel the love for that person radiating from you. Visualize your love enveloping and permeating them with a warm glow of bright light.

2. Look at a small object (piece of fruit, a coin, a leaf, etc.) and study it. Take in all the details. Then, close your eyes and recreate that object in your mind down to the tiniest detail. In your mind, pick up that object. ‘Feel’ the its weight and its texture in your hand.

Visualize something you loved as a child, in detail.3. Visualize a place you loved visiting as a child: without looking at photographs, see it in your mind’s eye. Allow yourself to be transported back there to relive the scene, doing the things you loved to do when you were there. Feel all the physical sensations.

4. Before you do any routine activity such as brushing your teeth, consciously visualize yourself brushing your teeth in all its magnificent, glorious detail. Yup. Have some fun with this. Your mind already knows how to perform these actions – they’re habits, relegated to the subconscious but you can hone your visualization skills by bringing familiar actions into your consciousness and seeing/feeling the details.

5. Visualize your desire in all the detail you can imagine. Dream on it, work it through and let it evolve in your mind. Your mind will become the hunter and it will notice precisely the right people, resources, situations and opportunities that will become essential building blocks in the construction of your dream castle.

6. Feel good. If you feel good about your mental images, your vibration is raised; if doubt or fear cloud your images, you are lowering your vibration. You will achieve what you desire if your vibration is high so really think about your goals – are you in love with them? Are your dreams authentic to you?

Visualization gives imagination direction.7. Relax into your visualizations in a calm and willing state. You can’t visualize your dreams if you’re thinking about the day’s chores and dramas. Focus on what you want. If you’re going to be the hunter, you must focus on the dream you want to capture. The other “stuff” in your life can wait.

Visualization takes patience. Manifesting is not magic! It’s a process that incorporates a command to the mind, your personal energetic vibration and your consistent application of that command and maintenance of high vibration. Imagination is your own private universe where you can dream the “impossible.” Visualization takes imagination and gives it direction.

What can you visualize today? What you see is what you get…

Linah Cathy