Is Subconscious Negative Thinking Ruining Your Life

Let’s face it. No matter how strongly you believe in the power of positive thinking, there will be times when you get caught up in negative thinking – often subconsciously, outside of your awareness. Life gets in the way of a happy mood sometimes, doesn’t it?

Subconscious negative thinking attracts more to feel negative about!You may consider yourself a positive person, but does your speech reflects subconscious negativity? “I hate my job!” “It always rains on my days off!” “How come customers have to show up five minutes before closing?” “I hate my body!” “I can’t stand this traffic!”

Many of us don’t realize that we may have created a habit of negative thinking. Habits are easy to miss, because once a thought becomes automatic it also becomes subconscious and flies under the radar of awareness.

The good news is, you can change those thought habits – even if you don’t know what they are (yet)! The first step is self-awareness. Changing your thought habits is easy when you are self-aware. You have to know what you’re thinking before you can change it.

There are three easy ways to become self-aware so you can start the process of creating automatic POSITIVE thought habits:

1. Meditate. Sit in meditation every day and listen to your mind’s ramblings. Just let it wander. Try not to latch on to a particular thought. Simply become aware of the tone of your inner speech. Are you mostly worrying, or thinking about what is lacking in your life? Is your mind drifting off to what’s bothering you, or are you happily daydreaming about your goals? the self-awareness you get in meditation is profound – and humbling!

But you can’t meditate all the time…

2. Listen to your speech. Do you complain a lot? Blame? Do you pass judgment and openly or covertly criticize others? Do you focus on the positives in a situation or the negatives? Do you talk about things “happening to me” or do you talk about “you happening to things”? (Meaning, do you take full responsibility for your life by acknowledging your role in attracting certain people and events?) Do you talk about your worries or your dreams?

3. Listen to your body. All negative feelings/thoughts cause a physical reaction in your body. It might manifest as tension, stomach upset, hives, skin conditions, muscle tightness, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, indigestion, etc. By contrast, all positive feelings/thoughts cause you to feel light, exuberant, energized and strong. So, when you say something or think something, what’s your physical reaction? What is your body telling you that you may be unaware of or denying?

Redirect negative thoughts into thoughts of gratitude!Overcoming Negativity

Create a practice of allowing yourself to feel those emotions (you’re human after all, and emotions are a part of the human existence) but not to get caught up in the negativity.

This is more than mentally resisting negative thoughts. That approach backfires because “what you resist, persists” – meaning that the more energy you give to avoiding negative thoughts, the more you think about those negative thoughts and create strong neural pathways and very, very powerful thought patterns.

So instead of resisting negative thoughts, try redirecting them. It will take a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to experience a negative emotion, and then channel that thought into a positive thought. Here’s how:

To redirect the negativity, first allow yourself to feel it. Experience it. But then, choose a different thought based on GRATITUDE. Don’t let yourself linger in negativity. Find the silver lining, or the hidden benefit, in every situation:

  • “I hate my job!” becomes, “I am grateful for the steady paycheck.”
  • “It always rains on my days off!” becomes, “I love this opportunity to work on projects around the house!”
  • “How come customers have to show up five minutes before closing?” becomes, “I’m glad that I could help this person solve their problem!”
  • “I hate my body!” becomes, “I’m glad I recognize that I can make some positive changes in my lifestyle.”

That’s all you have to do. It’s simple and effective! Find something to be grateful for in every situation you find yourself grumbling about! You don’t have to go overboard with this (no need to go into gratitude for every single aspect of your job – although that doesn’t hurt. Just make it a habit. For example, “I hate my job” doesn’t have to become transformed into a long litany of positive thinking. Focus on one thought, one grateful thought, to replace that one negative thought you are having.

Over time, you’ll develop a very strong attitude of gratitude. This will change your life!

Habitual negativity can be transformed into habitual positivity.Even if you aren’t aware of your habitual negativity, you can be sure that other people are! People consciously and subconsciously pick up on your negative vibe, just like you pick up on theirs. What you project is exactly what you will attract, too! That’s why  the most negative people in your life typically live unhappy lives, made all the worse by their choice to focus on what’s wrong instead of what’s right. And so, their life experience is much less pleasing than it could be. It goes further than this too: the more you appreciate what you have and “what is”, the happier you will be! The happier you are, the more you automatically attract corresponding vibrations. That means you’ll start attracting more and more and more of what you really want!

Gratitude is an essential component of the spiritual tools used to raise your vibration. Find out more in the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit!

You can start transforming your life this instant by becoming grateful for something that used to annoy you. In fact, right now… think about something that upset or annoyed you today and reframe it in the spirit of gratitude. Notice how you’ll instantly feel better! It only takes a few seconds! And with practice – that is, transforming negative thoughts into thoughts of gratitude, you will quickly raise your vibration and attract exactly the life experiences you want!

Linah Cathy