Manifesting Money the Easy, Vibrational Way

I think it’s safe to say that most of us would like to manifest more money. Manifesting money is easier than you think, once you understand how the process works. There are two parts to this: first, it’s helpful to understand how the Law of Attraction really works; and second, is how to create the right vibration that attracts money without any real effort on your part.

Yes, it’s that simple! But if you’ve grown up believing that only hard work, being lucky or having the right connections will get you significant amounts of money, you might be skeptical that it’s really all about changing your vibration.

Manifesting Money, the Easy Way

1. Own your mind. Your results come from how you direct your mind. The old adage, “what you think about, comes about” is true. To be more specific, what you FOCUS on, you create. So when you’re trying to manifest money, what do you do? You focus on “I want money.” Right?

Well, here’s the trouble with that. Saying “I want money” means you need money. It means youdon’t have money. You are focusing on NOT HAVING money. You are sending the vibration of not having money out to the universe… and that’s exactly what you will manifest.

To break this endless circle, you have to shift your focus onto what you have. Imprint into your subconscious the idea that you already have money. Lots of it.

2. The secret lies in your intention and your attention.

  • Intention: consciously deciding, “this is what I want.” It’s essential to not think about the money you don’t have, or the debt you want to get away from, etc. The mind does not process the negative. If you think “debt” then that’s what you will manifest.

  • Attention: it’s not enough to visualize and give attention to what you want for 15 minutes a day. What about all the subconscious money-sabotaging thoughts running through your head for the 23:45 hours left in the day? Let’s not count the time you sleep, just for simplicity’s sake; but if you spend 15 minutes thinking about what you want… and over 16 hours worrying about money… what do you think you’re going to manifest?

Monitor your feelings. Whenever you feel bad, tense, stressed, anxious, etc., think about what generated those feelings. I’ll bet you they are focused on what you’re worried about! If you feel good, or neutral, then the thoughts that generated those feelings are focused on what you DO want.

3. When you notice that you’re focused on the wrong thing, immediately shift your focus on what you want and hold it there for as long as you can. Over and over and over again… yes, this takes time and effort, but it’s the only way to change your unconscious mind.

4. Persistence and repetition creates new thought habits.Perhaps the most important element is creating the feelings that you anticipate enjoying as a result of having what you want. Anytime you notice that you need to shift your focus to what you want, pull up that mental image of what you want and how you feel about it. Ask yourself, “How did I create this feeling?”

Ultimately, it’s the feelings of having something that are important, not the thing itself. For example, say you want a thousand dollars. Well, what do you intend to do with that money? Say you want to take a week’s vacation to the Grand Canyon. Awesome! So… how does that trip make you FEEL? There you go… that’s the feeling that you need to associate with the mental image of the money you want.

Remember: focus on the outcome you want, in order to move toward manifesting what you want. Persistently, consistently, and with a lot of positive emotion…

Accelerate the process by journaling. In your journal, state your intention (how much money you want, as though you already have it). For example, “I have… (amount).” or “Every day, I earn… (amount).” or “Every day, (amount) comes easily to me.”

Then, write down a list of things you imagine using that money for. List it all! Don’t be ashamed of wanting material things because by purchasing items, you enrich others. Don’t be ashamed of asking for a LOT of money because you think you’re not worthy of it – focus on what you will do with that money, and how you spending it will benefit others.

Visualize yourself receiving money. Visualize yourself using that money for your own benefit and for the benefit of others, and don’t judge yourself for your choices. The important thing is to focus on the end result – the satisfaction and joy of what you used the money for.

Then…let your subconscious mind go to work to attract the people, ideas, resources, opportunities and situations that will bring money to you. Act on your intuitive guidance! Seize those opportunities!

Be happy and have fun with this! Being in the right money vibration means being aligned with what you want to do with that money. Be happy with what you have, and through that happiness, invite more into your life to be happy about!

Take the scarcity out of the present moment. Let it be okay that you don’t have money for expensive things. So what? Do you NEED those things? Or are you happy with what you have? Be thankful! Appreciate what you have and what you CAN afford.

This happy attitude is a powerful vibration. Have fun with this! Play! Ask yourself, “What fun and exciting thing can I do to manifest $10 today?” This isn’t child’s play – it’s a serious command to your mind to hunt for fun, exciting ways to make a bit of extra pocket money. Then become aware of opportunities and take action on them. The more you do this, the more you will develop your money-attracting vibration. Then, make your fun goals bigger as you gain confidence.

Happy manifesting!

Linah Cathy