Overcoming Procrastination is Just a Habit Away

You’ve got a brilliant project in mind. A plan to implement it. Yet your desk is suddenly in dire need of organizing and cleaning and there are 78 emails that need attention right away. I can’t do get started on a new project until this stuff is taken care of.

You have an opportunity to call that really interesting person you met at the trade show. But it’s easier to not make the call. Next week you’ll have more time. I have too much on my plate right now to network.

You have bills to pay and you know your checking account is running low. You don’t want to get depressed seeing a smaller number than you’d like so you avoid opening your online account. The bills go unpaid. Tomorrow is a better time to take care of the bills. I need to check my email.

Your registration tags are expired. You’re in the grace period and even it is drawing to a close. Only three days left before your plates are illegal. But today’s for sure going to be busy at the DMV. I can let it slide a day. Nobody will notice.

Bathing suit season is HERE. Not in two months, not even two weeks. And you haven’t started the diet you promised yourself months ago. Well life got in the way, you know… I just won’t wear a bathing suit.

Sound familiar?

You have the procrastination bug. You’re not alone.

Linah Cathy