Raise Your Vibration! The Simple Way to Live Well

People talk about their credit scores all the time and how that little three-digit number seems to dictate how they live their lives. But is that number meaningful at all, or is it your energetic vibration that caused that number to be what it is? Should you bother trying to change that number with physical efforts (such as trying to find a higher-paying job so you can make all of your payments on time) or is it better to focus on raising your energetic vibration?

Vibrations Brought You Here

Whatever experience you are having right now is the result of thoughts that created a certain energetic vibration. That’s what is meant by “you create your tomorrow by what you think today.” Your thoughts are energetic vibrations. Physical things are energetic vibrations. Since like attracts like, the quality of your personal vibration attracts people and circumstances that correspond to that vibration. The higher you can raise your personal vibration, the better the quality of what you attract to your life. So… the best way to experience what you want is to raise your vibration. It’s not by working harder or longer!


Your vibration dictates your circumstances.If you positively change what you send out, your vibration will be of a higher caliber and what you receive will be of a higher caliber. Without you having to do anything, you will attract the circumstances you want. Puzzle pieces will fall into place. The ways and means will present themselves.

If you want a quick taste of how it works, think back to the last time you left the house in the morning in a foul mood. How did your day go? Were people helpful and pleasant to you? Did you get what you wanted that day? Were you able to give your best at work? Then think back to a day when you woke up smiling, knowing that life is grand. How did THAT day go for you? Were you more energetic and focused than usual? Did everything seem to go your way and your steps were light? Of the two, which one would you prefer to experience again? Of course the answer is obvious – but what’s really important is the ramifications of your energetic vibrations that day. Einstein said, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Every thought has energy; every emotion  has energy. If you were in a funk all day, that’s a whole lotta negative energy floating around you, attracting energy just like it! And if you’re walking on clouds one day, everything goes right.

Learn to access source energy and your spritual guides.Use the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit to raise your vibration so that you are consistently vibrating at a higher level – not just once in a while, but as your default. That’s when the good stuff starts happening! Learning to listen to your intuition, connecting to Source energy, clearing negative energy and connecting with guides and angels are just some of the tools you’ll learn to use in the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit.

The Power of a Smile

One quick way to raise your vibration is to smile. Yup, that’s it. Smile. Don’t underestimate the power of a smile! It can instantly change a mood from foul to pleasant. It can turn a “no” into a “yes” better than any trick of persuasion. It can open doors, solve problems and change attitudes.

A smile has the power to light up your life!How can a smile do all that? Well, it’s impossible to be sad and smiling. Or stressed and smiling. Or angry and smiling. You can’t be happy and sad at the same time! You can certainly go back and forth at a moment’s notice but what if you made a conscious choice to smile more? What if you were to focus your energy on happiness and love, and by doing so, raise your vibration? What if you decided to feel happy and loving as your predominant way of being?

It’s like flipping a switch. You can suspend negative emotions, thoughts and vibrations while you are focused on positive emotions, thoughts and vibrations. This is because the brain can’t handle two emotions at the same time (or two thoughts, or two vibrations). It’s one or the other, happy or sad, peaceful or angry, accepting or resisting.

A smile is the switch that will flip your vibration from lower to higher – the switch that turns light. And love is the switch that gives that light bulb more watts. When your vibration (light) is low, you can’t see very well. You can’t see colors in all their glory or read the fine print. You can’t maneuver effectively because you stumble around in the dark. But turn up the watts, so to speak, and you can see, you can use your senses to experience life to its fullest. You can spot opportunities and great relationships. You can see things as they really are.

Your energetic vibration is the key to a happy life!That’s not to say you should become deny your negative feelings and become some sort of emotionless robot. You’re a human being, and it’s normal and healthy to express sadness, anger, frustration, fear and grief – but if you let them become your dominant emotions, your vibration will suffer and you will attract more to be sad and upset about.

Next time you are sad, smile. At first you’ll feel a tug of war going on in your mind as it says, “but wait a minute, you’re supposed to be sad now so how come you’re smiling!?” If you refuse to give in and YOU decide what you want to feel, your brain (and your mind) will follow.

The Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit is your answer for changing your life. Real change occurs on the spiritual plane – the energetic plane – and with these tools you can raise your personal vibration to attract what you desire. It’s effective and allows you to get the most from life rather than being miserable and stuck working ridiculous hours or struggling in relationships.

Always think about how you can make your life brighter!

Linah Cathy