Receiving Guidance From Within Using Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation takes meditation a step further to connect you with your Higher Self, spiritual guides or angels. Having this assistance is invaluable when it comes to difficult decisions and charting the best course for your life path.

Spiritual does not necessarily mean religious – whatever meaning YOU give to the term is absolutely right for you; all it means is allowing guidance from something other than logic and reasoning (through information gathered by the physical senses).

Spiritual meditation allows access to the authentic you, or your Higher Self.The most important thing to remember when you do spiritual meditation is to adopt an attitude of allowing. Don’t worry about meditating the “right” way because there is no one right way. Relax, and be open to anything.

Can you do this type of meditation alone or do you need guidance? For experienced meditators or those who have experience with connecting to  spiritual guidance, self-guided spiritual meditation works well; for beginning meditators or anyone who has never consciously tried to access their Higher Self or spirit guides/angels, a guided meditation will help open that door and make it easier for you to make the connection. The Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit takes you on the journey to meet your guides and your Higher Self. This is a profoundly deep, often highly emotional journey as you literally feel the Source light and love permeate your body – especially the heart space – and you contact the radiantly beautiful ‘beings’ who are there to guide you. This includes the real You, the spiritual you.


In spiritual meditation, you have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. Many people pray or ask for guidance, but they neglect to listen as attentively as they could. Thus they often miss out on important messages that may come from unexpected sources.

Learning to listen to intuitive guidance is an essential skill.Learning to listen is one of those skills that are essential to making the most of your intuitive or spiritual guidance. It seems obvious, doesn’t it, but a lot of the information that is received can come in all sorts of weird and cryptic ways that don’t seem like messages at all, and so it is dismissed. Spiritual meditation helps open your heart and your mind to this alternative information.

Getting past the mind’s automatic rejection of nonphysical information may be tough going at first. We are all so used to relying on information perceived through the physical senses; if we see it, we believe it. If we don’t see it or evidence of it, it’s not true. However, since spiritual guidance often comes in the form of feelings, mental images or strong urges, it’s often dismissed as either being made up or being too good to be true. This is unfortunate since relying on the physical senses and logic alone can cause you to make decisions that are against your higher good.

Spiritual meditation takes you into the realm of ‘believing is seeing’ where you can see everything as possibility, not as a physically-limited impossibility.

What is Spiritual Meditation like?

'Meeting' your higher self is an emotional experience.Spiritual meditation is all about allowing. You relax very deeply, and begin to perceive the Source light entering your body and permeating every cell; this light is incredibly bright, beautiful and inviting. You feel a sense of belonging. As you embrace this loving energy, you begin to trust and you become open, like a flower blossom. You become open to seeing your spirit guides and angels; you meet them and actually interact with them on a very personal level; you can ask for guidance and gifts that will help you. What you receive depends on what you need so it’s impossible to predict what that will be, but it will be exactly what you need at the time.

Taking the meditation  a step further, you continue allowing the experience so that you can meet your Higher Self. When you ‘meet’ your Higher Self, you are absolutely overcome with love for who you really are. It’s an amazing experience – you perceive this radiantly beautiful being of light and you realize… this is who I am! This is I!  The effects of just seeing your real self are powerful. You stop seeing yourself as limited, unlovable, ugly, incapable, lonely, stupid, unwanted or whatever nasty terms you might associate with yourself. You see what you really are – a radiant being of light and love!

Meditation opens the doorway between the conscious, unconscious and superconscious minds; you realize your divinity and open up communication with the universe. You learn to trust and allow guidance, which may be one of the most challenging skills for you to learn. It’s common to want to control the direction of your life and hard to give up control. But you don’t really give up control if it’s YOU who is running the show!

Spiritual meditation teaches you to trust and to allow.Connecting with your Higher Self is exhilarating. It may take a little while to get used to trusting your inner guidance but you will soon realize that it feels so indescribably good to allow this guidance to direct you, that you will relax into it and life becomes simpler and better.

In the beginning, you may or may not feel any different in your day-to-day life but energetically, a lot is happening beneath the surface. Eventually as the energy compounds, it will lead to noticeable physical changes in your environment, your body and even in people around you.

It has been said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. In Love or Above (which you did not find by accident) you are guided on the journey within where your greatest teacher (you) can be found.

Linah Cathy