Self-Fulfillment: Being Who You Are

What does it mean to become self-fulfilled? Self fulfillment means achieving your deepest desires and realizing your highest capacities. Through your own efforts, following your own path, you create happiness and a sense of purpose.

To varying degrees, we all want more. Not more stuff, necessarily, or more recognition, awards, bling or any external motivator. No – we want to fully express who we are, without fear and without feeling “I’m not good enough.”

Sometimes, it’s a lifelong search for meaning that gets us to look hard at our life and decide to make drastic changes. Sometimes, we go through life thinking it’s pretty much okay, until one day we realize that something critical is missing. However you have arrived at this point of wanting self fulfillment… here you are.

Now what?

The journey to self-fulfillment is just as individual as you are. There is no right way, no wrong way, there is only YOUR way. With that said, there are things you can do to make your vision – and your way – clear and obvious to you.

Let Go!

When you look at your future, you see it through the eyes of the past.

There is no right or wrong way to self fulfillment.

We all love revisiting the past and its memories, both good and bad. Instead of learning from the past, we tend to go through years and years of reruns. We have exactly the same thoughts over and over again about certain memorable events, as if this confirms who we are – those memories and well-rehearsed notable moments are part of our identity.

But what if the past really didn’t matter? What if you woke up one day and a painful memory was erased. Would you still be you? Of course you would!

Choose to no longer be defined by something that happened in your past. If you went through a divorce years ago and you are still replaying hurtful things that were said and loving things left unsaid… knowing there is nothing you can do to go back in time and do it over… What good is this doing? Nothing! It’s tainting your vision of the future because part of that memory is a mental picture of yourself that you have painted – a picture of yourself as a victim, or a bad person, or something else you chose to believe.

Anytime you think about the painful past, STOP. Just stop. Breathe in the word “Let” and exhale the word “Go.” Let. Go. Let. Go. Past hurts do not belong in your vision of the future. They rob you of the energy you need to make your ideal future happen.

Love Yourself!

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you yourself as worthy of (whatever you desire)? Do your immense potential? Or do you focus on your physical flaws and personality shortcomings?

If you see anything less than what you want to see, ask yourself why. You are unique. You are a one-of-a-kind miracle with your own dreams, gifts and talents, fears and likes.

If anybody has told you in the past that you are not good enough, let that be their problem, not yours. They were trying to change you into something you are not! If you told yourself that you are not good enough, let that stay in the past, when you didn’t know better.

Choose to no longer be defined by the past.

It’s okay to change directions at any time! It’s okay to let go of the past! So what if you’re not a talented athlete or mathematician or painter that you or someone wanted you to be? Your strengths lie elsewhere. Dig deeper and find them.

You aren’t here to measure up to other people’s ideals. You are here for the purpose of self-fulfillment! There’s a reason why you are the way you are.

Look at yourself through the eyes of potential, not past failures and disappointments. Without those failures and disappointments, you wouldn’t be standing here, now, saying, “it’s my time!” Write your own life story!

Part of loving yourself involves not judging others. Just as you aren’t here to measure up to someone’s ideals, they are not here to measure up to yours. The other part of loving yourself involves forgiveness. Let. Go. We’ve all heard it before: holding on to grudges and resentments is like drinking poison and waiting for the person who offended you to die. Why are you choosingto hold on to those grudges and resentments? You can just as easily choose to put them down instead of continual replaying the event and what you would do/say if you only could…

… You could be turning your energies and immense creative power toward doing what makes you happy, fulfilled and purposeful!

Write your own life story!As you stop judging others and as you forgive them, STOP judging yourself! Forgive yourself!

All of this will give you a clear understanding of your value; your purpose; your reason for being here. You might think, “maybe I should join the Peace Corps” or do other altruistic work, because it seems a noble and good thing to do. Well, it is! But is it for you?? What if your passions say otherwise? What if you are self-fulfilled, happily doing your best… creating crossword puzzles, or making art, or teaching preschoolers, or wrenching on motorcycles…

You might benefit from some self-empowerment in the form of guidance from within. To learn how to speak to your higher self, your angels and your guides, turn to the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit. Why? Because sometimes, you may hear, “this is for you” but you dismiss it because of something you believe about yourself. What if that belief is completely false? What if you allowed your higher self to gently take you by the hand and say, “It’s okay! This really IS why you’re here!”

Believe in the power of YOU. Can you feel your vibration raise when you think about what you would secretly love to do with your life? Oh, yeah! It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? Now go do it!

Linah Cathy