Self Mastery That Raises Your Vibration

Self-Mastery is Your Ticket To Success!

When James Bond walks into the room, heads turn.  His self-mastery gives him a self-confidence like no one else. He owns the situation. Okay, Bond isn’t real, but you probably know some people who are so in control of themselves that they always say and do the right thing. They don’t stumble and bumble through life on auto-pilot. They design their life by thinking and doing high-vibrational thoughts and actions. And they get the attention and respect we all want.

What does self-confidence have to do with self-mastery? Everything! Look at the confident people you know. Confidence comes from the ability to work through fear – and that requires self-mastery. Confidence is projected in a calm demeanor even in the face of crisis – and that requires… you guessed it! Self mastery.

Master what goes on inside you, and you have the self-control to project strength, confidence, determination and enthusiasm no matter what’s going on around you. Since we’re social and cooperative beings, that self-confidence will attract the right people to you.

How can you develop self-mastery?

Self-discovery leads to self-mastery; and self-mastery leads to self-discoveryPractice! Now before you go “ugh” and think it’s nothing but hard work, let me assure you, delving into your mind and discovering what makes you tick is fascinating. Becoming aware is very illuminating and empowering – yes, empowering! Step one is awareness and step two is taking control. No quickie fix here, it’s going to take persistent practice to monitor what’s going on inside of you and then even more persistence to gain control. Since most of our thoughts fly under the radar, it might be easier for you to get in touch with how you feel, and reverse-engineer the process and find out what caused those emotions.

Self-mastery starts with awareness of your thoughts, emotions and actions. Research shows that about 87% of the average person’s thoughts (and associated emotions) are negative. Wow that’s a lot! If you doubt that figure, sit quietly for about 15-30 minutes and watch the thoughts roll through your mind. Just be aware, don’t judge. Don’t get involved, just watch. You might like the nature of your thoughts, or you may find that some of the things you think are not very pleasing to you. So why do you think them? Many of our thoughts (and actions) are habitual. We think/do automatically, based on our past conditioning. Since thoughts lead to actions and actions to results, it can all get pretty messy and undesirable. But you can change the way you think, and so change your life experience!

Automatic negative reactions signal negative beliefsAnother benefit of this awareness is that in time, you’re going to identify the beliefs and thoughts that keep your vibration low. Any time you automatically judge, condemn or criticize, you’re acting out a low-vibrating belief. Whenever you automatically fly into a rage, you’re acting out an extremely low-vibrating belief. Awareness is a really magical transformational tool that helps you transcend that automatic negativity!

Once you’re aware, you have choices. This is where the real transformation begins. This is where self-mastery blossoms! You can choose your thoughts, your emotions, your responses and your actions. Little by little, you release the automatic and invite the desirable. Little by little, you gain self-confidence and raise your vibration.
When you have self-control, you become a master of the first impression. Now if that doesn’t get your attention… ;-)   When you walk into any situation, your body language speaks volumes about what’s going on inside your mind. Control the mind, and your vibe becomes one of confident strength and enthusiasm. Just like Bond… James Bond. This vibe is incredibly attractive. Think about how much easier your life will be when you project confidence and you can ask for what you want, instead of hiding in the shadows and watching your dreams slip away!

Self-mastery improves relationships!When you have self-control, you become excellent at conversation, you become more emotionally stable and mature. Your social and relationship skills increase dramatically with self-mastery!

Self-mastery is like a jar of peanuts.

Gaining a bit of self-mastery makes you want more. Seriously, the ability to master more and more of your thoughts, emotions and actions is fun! It feels so much better to respond calmly and gracefully to a situation than to give in to a knee-jerk automatic reaction. Maybe you don’t notice how good it feels when you’re in the heat of the moment, but you sure notice the lack of regret or guilt you may feel after you’ve automatically spouted off at your partner or laid on the horn and yelled obscenities when someone pulls a dumb move on the freeway.

Self-mastery gives you the tools to choose the direction of your life. Instead of being a passenger, you become the driver.

It allows you to be true to who you really are. Your grand goals and desires are the ultimate expressions of your life and if you have the self-mastery to do what it takes to achieve those goals, your sense of fulfillment goes through the roof. No more being wishy-washy. With self-mastery comes resolve. No more being stopped by fear or obstacles. Self-mastery gives you the strength and perseverance to continue. Self-mastery allows you to say “no” when you need to, including to yourself. Self-mastery means that whenever your mind says “I can’t,” you can step in and say, “of course I can!” and literally change the course of your life by choosing the thoughts that benefit you.

You can control one thing in this life, and that’s you. Fill your head space with positivity by mastering your thoughts. Fill your heart with love by mastering your emotions. Start telling a new story right now. !

Linah Cathy