Spiritual Healing: Getting to the Root of Health

What is spiritual healing? It is a type of healing that is not based on medical treatment of symptoms, but an energetic healing that treats the source of an ailment. It involves the belief that all physical ailments are physical manifestations of spiritual (or energetic) disturbances.

Balancing chakras, color therapy and music therapy, Reiki, acupuncture and acupressure are just a few of the ways to use spiritual healing to treat illnesses and even speed healing from injury. They all involve freeing up the flow of energy in and through your body and clearing out  negative energy. You can also do spiritual healing on yourself and your loved ones. The mind is your most powerful healing tool, and with the right instructions you can heal yourself.

Another way to look at this is that you are raising your vibration. Any time you raise your vibration, you are going to experience better mental, physical and emotional health.

Monitor your feelings to find out what your vibration is like.Do you have any idea what your vibration is like? You may not know a specific number (although you can learn about this in the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit) but you always know how you feel. Take note of your feelings and pay particular attention to any feelings of stress, sadness, worry, fear or  anger. These are clues that something is wrong. And since the mind/body are inseparable, you can be sure that your mind is influencing the well-being of your body and vice-versa. To cure any ailment, though, start with the mind and let the trickle-down effect of positive vibrations benefit your health.


Healing Yourself Spiritually

Begin by clearing your space. Clutter, dirt and chaos in the home signal clutter, dirt and chaos in the mind and the body as well. It’s very therapeutic to clean out your home, lovingly and thoroughly! This will immediately raise your vibration; and then, it’s time to get down to the real work of cleansing your energy and performing spiritual healing.

Releasing stress is an important part of spiritual healing.Stress is the major cause of illness or disease, or at the very least a strong contributing factor.

You may have experienced something like this – after a period of prolonged stress (it could be due to work, relationships or other factors); your body is tapped out. Your adrenal glands are exhausted from constantly releasing adrenaline into your system day in and day out; these little glands influence the health of the immune system and hormone production, so when they are exhausted, they compromise these other systems. You may experience extreme fatigue, moodiness, sadness and unwillingness to do anything. Taking care of the stress is the first line of attack when it comes to spiritual healing. If you can manage stress, your health will be better overall.

What causes stress? Believe it or not, you do; a stress reaction is an unconscious choice based on negative beliefs: in other words, stress is caused by your negative thoughts. A situation “is what it is” but it’s your interpretation of the situation that causes you stress – if you think about what will go wrong, you create stress; if you think about what will go right, you remain calm.

Many subconscious thoughts tend to have a negative bent. You think about what can go wrong, how things can fall apart, why you made a certain decision, what might happen if… and so on. Over and over your mind runs these thought patterns like a broken record. The brain doesn’t know the difference between a physical threat and an emotional threat. The physiological response is exactly the same: FIGHT OR FLIGHT. So every time you have an upsetting thought, your adrenals kick in and dump adrenaline and cortisol into your system. Part of spiritual healing is getting your subconscious thought patterns away from their habitual negativity.

Meditate to release negativity.Meditation is the best way to release mental negativity. You can clear your energy using the guided meditations found in the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit; imprinting the thoughts you want instead of constantly running through the same negative thoughts that keep you stressed out. You are using the power of positive thinking to literally change your mind. Positive self-talk is best done in meditation, when your mind is open to such messages.


Once you have your stress under control by using positive thinking, use visualization to create a mental image of yourself in perfect health and well-being. Imagination is your secret weapon against poor health. If you can imagine the worst-case scenario, you can imagine the best, too. Train yourself to see the best possible future for yourself. Over and over again, imprint the images of what you want into your mind.

Keep in mind that your mental state affects your physical and emotional states; all three are intertwined and inseparable, so as you improve one area, the others will improve also.

Visualize the light and love of Source permeating every cell.You can also heal specific ailments with spiritual healing. Even if your energy has cleared and your vibration has been raised, it will take a little time for your body to heal. Speed the process along by using creative visualization to picture perfect health; use positive affirmations to reinforce your visualizations.

During meditation, use the power of your imagination to visualize a bright, white, endless, eternal loving light – the loving light of the Source – flooding your body from your crown chakra (at the top of your head) all the way down through your body and out your feet. Visualize it permeating every single cell in your body, flooding it with healing light and love. Feel the light dissipating all negative energy (dark, low energy) from every cell in your body. Bask in this feeling, relax into it and enjoy its healing benefits.

You can do spiritual healing proactively every couple of months just to keep your energy clear – like doing an oil change in the car to keep the engine humming along smoothly. Life will start to flow more easily as you do spiritual healing. The effects of doing energy work on yourself go beyond physical health and encompass every aspect of your life.

Linah Cathy