The Benefits and Journey of Personal Growth and Development

What is personal growth and development, and how it help you?

Personal growth and development is the process of improving self-awareness, developing your talents and potential, overcoming self-limiting conditioning and gaining insight into what it means to be a human being. It means taking personal responsibility for your role as co-creator of your life experience and creating the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual conditions that let you achieve your greatest dreams.

But, ugh, yes, it takes action on your part. Sorry… no pixie dust, no magic pill. When you decide that you want to reach your potential, live your dreams and be the best you can be, you will commit to working on yourself. You will get the best results by taking a little time, EVERY day, to work on yourself. You are your best investment. Aren’t YOU worth 15-60 minutes a day? Of course you are!

The Questions

Personal growth and development starts with the asking of questions.Start by asking:

  1. Do I like where I am in life?
  2. Am I getting the results I want?
  3. Do I wish my life was better?
  4. What makes me happy?
  5. What would I love to spend my time doing?
  6. What story have I been telling myself to myself and to others?
  7. How do I get from here to where I want to be?
  8. How can I be happier?
  9. Where am I struggling?
  10. Where do I see the greatest need for improvement?

These questions want answers. And that’s where your personal growth and development journey begins.

But like I said, you have to commit to it. It’s easier to stagnate, you know. Easier to hesitate and stay put, stuck in the grip of fear and doubt and settling for mediocrity. (Ouch, right?) Where are you comfortable? Hint – if you’re comfortable, examine that area closely because you may be mistaking comfort for complacency.

Then again, something brought you here… something that’s been urging you to embody your highest potential.

The Teachers

Start by knowing what is important to you and what you want.There is no single formula that works for everyone. Take what resonates with you from the many wonderful resources available. Some enhance your natural strengths and talents. Some work on your ‘areas for improvement’.


Don’t get hung up on the word ‘success’. Personal growth and development teachers talk about success, but it doesn’t necessarily mean fame and fortune. That may be some people’s idea of success, and that’s fine for them. Don’t exhaust yourself chasing other people’s idea of success and happiness.

Success and happiness are already yours. You just need to ALLOW them!

Look to role models and inspirational personalities for ideas, not for “The Way.” Only YOU can determine how your life unfolds and blossoms.

Your Path

One way to allow success and happiness is to think and act in ways that raise your vibrational frequency. Align your thoughts and your actions with your authentic self (Soul). Then, your dreams come alive. Achieve a higher state of vibration and you can rock the world with your unique gift and self-expression.

The not-so-fun part of personal development is recognizing your weaknesses – and OWNING them without hiding behind them. What does it mean to hide behind them? If you’ve ever said, “I am stubborn,” “I am impatient” or “I am A.D.D.” you are hiding behind your weaknesses and using them to excuse your actions… and you are allowing them to define who you are. You don’t want your negative personality traits to define who you are. You are not your actions. You must use the self-awareness of negative traits as a tool for overcoming or changing them, NOT for excusing your behavior. You must not rationalize your behavior based on some undesirable trait. It’s easier to hide behind these traits, yes – but only perpetuates the problem and prevents growth.

Can you see how liberating it is to let go of your attachment to your behaviors? One of the empowering ideas you learn on your personal growth journey is the immense power of the statement, “I am.

I urge you to contemplate that. Every time you say, “I am” and attach it to something negative, you are using that as an excuse for some negative behavior. So your first task on your personal development quest – should you choose to accept it – is to STOP saying “I am (something negative).” It’s going to take a lot of vigilance but you will stop hiding behind your weaknesses and start telling a wonderful new story about yourself.

You will see improvements in all aspects of your life!Is that cool, or what?

Basically, personal growth will produce changes that promote positive progress. You will see progress in a way that’s totally unique to you, never in a linear fashion. One area strengthened will strengthen another creating a snowball effect and soon you’ll start seeing improvements in:

  • self-awareness and self-knowledge (what makes you tick)
  • development of talents, both known and hidden
  • spiritual one-ness
  • health (due to the mind-body connection)
  • interpersonal relations and social skills
  • fulfillment of your purpose and your highest aspirations
  • overall well-being

How do you know that you’re on the right track and if you’re actually developing and growing? It’s simple. You feel good.

Here are a few tools for your personal growth journey. Use one, use all, but DO take action:

  • Meditation gets you in touch with things that need changing.Daily journaling and writing down goals and action plans
  • Meditation develops self-mastery, focus, persistence and promotes inner peace
  • Affirmations to reinforce what you want
  • Belief (the hardest one, but the one that yields the greatest results is the belief that you CAN and that you WILL)
  • Expecting to succeed
  • Living a balanced, well-rounded life. Life is about living NOW, not sometime in the future when the stars align and everything is just right.
  • Being a continuous, eager learner

As you can see, personal growth and development is a project that polishes every facet of your brilliant diamond (you). It’s a fascinating journey but not everyone has the courage to actually make any meaningful changes. To make the MOST of who you are, you have to go deep. But I can say with absolute certainty, you will be glad you did.

Linah Cathy