The Very Best Vibration-Boosting Self-Improvement Tips

We’re all looking for ways to raise our vibration and improve ourselves. A challenging goal or being stuck in a rut makes us want to do take on self-improvement… but it involves making changes so it’s tempting to say, “nah, things are fine…” Life can be frustrating if you resist making changes or if you talk yourself into believing you can’t make them. Then again this challenge can be a catalyst for your greatness.

Are you willing to do and think differently so that you can enjoy different results?

Who says change is hard and uncomfortable? And who says you have to make big changes?You can go from average to awesome step by step. Ready?

Read this list of tips and then pick ONE. Your challenge is to embody that tip until it becomes a part of you. Then pick another.

Develop your unique self-expression. Innovate, don't imitate.1. Accept and be YOU. Want to be a great singer – like him? A successful entrepreneur – like her? Innovate, don’t imitate. Improve your skills and add to your knowledge. Emulate your heroes but don’t imitate them. Put your own spin on self-expression. Develop your talents your way.

2. Commit to five more. Five more minutes, five more pages, emails, push ups… just five more. The mind yells “quit!” when the going gets difficult or boring but don’t give in to the urge to quit every time you feel discomfort or your attention wanders. You can do practically anything for “five more.”

3. Adopt a new habit. A new habit takes 1-2 months of daily practice to become automatic. For example: make exercise a daily habit instead of relegating exercise to “whenever I have time.”

4. Be aware. A lot of what we say and do is habit… comfy and familiar. Be aware of them because these habits are the ones generating the results you’re having. Become aware of theresults of the way you talk and act.

5. Raise the bar. Do you hold yourself to standards of “good enough” or standards of excellence? Raise the bar. Instead of shooting for just a little better than what you can do now, why not push beyond “limits”? In competition, don’t focus on “beating so-and-so” but use them as inspiration to push yourself to great new heights. Why go for pretty good when you CAN achieve amazing? Do what you love and do it well. Challenge yourself with your passions!

See your goals from a perspective of accomplishment.6. Change your perspective. You’re used to seeing your goals from where you’re standing right now. So fire up your imagination three times a day and see yourself from the perspective of achievement. Whatever you wanted to do, is done. Yay! How awesome! The more you get used to seeing your goals from this perspective, the faster you’ll gain confidence and motivation to make it happen.

7. Try a different approach. The way you do and think got you here, not where you want to go.Write down as many ridiculous, opposite and out there ways as you can think of to solve a problem. It doesn’t matter if they’re workable solutions or not. They’re there to spark creativity.

8. Simplify. You can only excel at a few select things. Focus on what you’re good at and accomplish what means the most to you.

9. Notice abundance. Abundance is more than money; it’s “stuff I like and consider good.” Be grateful for the abundance you already have, no matter your circumstances. Keep a daily log of ways you receive proof of abundance (someone may treat you to coffee; give you a business lead; or give you advice).

Focus on the goal that means most to you.10. Don’t blame, judge or criticize. These are destructive energies actually GIVE AWAY YOUR POWER. If you blame someone/something for your failure, you must also give them/it credit for your success.

11. Manage fear by focusing on what can go RIGHT. There will never be the ‘right time’. The stars will never be aligned, you will never have enough money or resources, you will never know it all or know how to do it all. Jump in and figure it out as you go! Become aware and you’ll see help everywhere!

12. Don’t complain. Complaining might feel good but if you can’t change something, don’t waste your energy on it. If you can change something, change it. Take responsibility for your actions (or lack thereof) and your results.

13. See lessons where others see problems, failures, mistakes, obstacles, setbacks, losses, “bad luck” and disappointments. Face your challenges as opportunities for self-improvement, not as forces waiting to slap you down to the ground. Don’t rationalize failures (don’t blame).

14. Be productive and proactive. If you’re bored, something is wrong. Do something that creates your future. Use your precious time wisely so you can enjoy your dreams!

15. Find people who are like you and hang out with them. People who “get” you and your passions are much more uplifting than people who think you’re crazy for wanting what you want.

16. Clarify what you really want out of life. Become super-excited about it, and do something to bring it closer.

17. Be a life-long learner. Be curious and fascinated with everything. Learn something  new every day.

18. Develop a habit of consistent action. No matter how you feel on any given day, keep moving toward your dreams. You might surprise yourself – a day of unmotivated blues could generate THE idea that will rocket you to success. Never give up.

Develop self-mastery through meditation.19. Develop emotional and mental discipline and self-control through meditation.

20. Finish what you start. Don’t leave unfinished business hanging over your head. Push through to the finish once the novelty has worn off and the project feels like work.

21. Make tiny improvements. Choose one thing you would like to improve in each life area: wealth, health, career/purpose, relationships, spirituality and fun. It can be a teeny little improvement (like adding one more tooth-brushing every day). Little improvements add up.

22. Be grateful. For everything.

23. Use the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit to raise your vibration to make the most of your physical, emotional and mental actions and changes.

Linah Cathy