What is the Purpose of Life? – How to Make the Most of Life

What is the purpose of life?

This age-old question has probably popped into your mind on one or two occasions, right? Or is it a constant question? Either way, here’s an answer that might surprise you because it has less to do with any specific career or occupation than you might think.

Be true to who you are and be the creator of your life

Many people look at life as a path. You start at point A and you somehow make your way to point Z. A path implies that we’re moving in a straight or straight-ish line, towards something, some promise of a good life in the future. We walk or climb toward fulfillment, wealth, happiness, success, personal growth, purpose… always looking toward the future and what it might bring. But what about the catastrophes in life, the ones that put your movement along that path to a screeching halt? And how many people finally get to point Z and it’s not at all what they expected?

Did they miss the golden egg? Is this IT? Is that all there is?

In the struggle to get to Z, they missed out on B, C, etc. etc., Q, R, etc. etc. – in other words, they were so focused on finding their purpose, or looking for fulfillment in the future, that they forgot all about the experience of right now.

Consider this: what if right now, this very moment, is the reason you’re here? What if you are just here to experience life fully? Not to achieve something in the future, not to do anything but experience now?


That doesn’t mean you should forget about the future, forget your unique gifts and talents and contemplate your navel for the rest of your life. Heck no! Part of the “now” experience is the creation of the “now” you’ll have in the future by developing and sharing your talents.

Are you on a path or are you in the now?

If right this moment is all you’re assured of (and it is), would that change the way you experience your life? Of course it would. You would be much less concerned about having the job that pleases your family but grinds you into the ground. You would not say yes when you meant no. You would not be afraid to say “look at ME!” You would love, and laugh and hug more. You would dive into your passions and make the most of your talents – and then you would share those talents with the world, with a huge, satisfied smile on your face.

Think about your life. Are you on a path or are you in the now?

When you’re on a path, you might be putting on a show, kind of like an actor – you play a certain character who fits into the play that somebody else wrote. That’s what happens when you live out other people’s expectations of what you should be doing with your life.

If you step off that path of always looking to the future for fulfillment, you’ll never arrive. Your purpose is to live NOW, experience it, and in this moment, CREATE.

Think about what you are experiencing this moment. Hopefully, you are feeling inspired. Hopefully your pulse has quickened at the thought of living now, with awareness and passion, and creating your future. Instead of existing now and energetically being either light years in the future or way in the past. You simply can’t experience NOW if you live in the past or the future!

A life of purpose is a life of pure bliss!

Right now, you can raise your vibration significantly by feeling the love and light of the Source. Feel the love, shimmering and warming every atom of your being, and the space between the atoms… And right now, in that higher vibrational field,create!

When you create, you’re not living in the future staring at the finished product. You are here, now, absorbed in the details and the process. “What can I create right now,” you ask (if I’m reading this, I can’t be creating!… right?


You may be thinking of ‘creating’ as ‘constructing’ – in other words making something tangible. But you can create something right now, no matter where you are or what you’re doing – you can create emotions. Feelings. You can create intangible yet essential states of being. You can create happiness. Joy. Inner peace. Love. The more of those you create, the higher your vibration will be! And the higher your vibration, the more good things come into your experience.

Have you ever been so immersed in something you love that time stood still? That is living in the now and creating. “But I can’t work on stuff I love all the time“… true. But look at it another way. Can you immerse yourself in the day to day mundane stuff? Of course! It’s only mundane if you believe it so. If you can find the zen in doing dishes or paying your bills, you are really living and experiencing those moments to their fullest.

Use creative visualization to move toward your purpose

How do you do this? By being fascinated with what you’re doing. I know, this might be a bit of a reach for you if you’re used to thinking of “experiences” as being something you go out and have – as in movies, skiing, dancing, etc. but try it. Be fascinated by the simple things. The interesting thing is, when you learn to be fully present and live in the now, every little thing you do takes on more meaning. It’s not just about the grand passions you have. It’s about each moment. Use every moment wisely to creating a great future for yourself.

You know what you love. Go out and do it. You have this moment, and you’re meant to live it. Experience it. And in this moment, create something wonderful – your best work, love, joy, comfort, happiness.

Linah Cathy